My name is Matthieu and I was born in Mexico in 1990. Camera is the best tool I found to express myself. So for ten years my daily life was full of writing, filming, aborted projects, discouragement and excitement.

Among all my misdeeds as a director I would remember two. “Le Myriapode”, first, a web-series that captured me for 4 years with 36 episodes and a success of esteem on internet. We did a few festivals, had funding, it’s pretty crazy for a project started on a sofa with 2 friends. It was semi-improvised so I had to have strong nerves, but if I had to do it again I would say “yes” right away.

Then there’s “Inspector W”, an absurd short film but since it’s my first movie, I love it. Especially since there are people dancing for no reason in it, and that is priceless. These are the 2 projects that you can find on this site. In truth, I’ve done plenty of others, but hey, I like minimalism, so I’m sorting my filmography as I go.

I like to laugh at the madness of men. But I also like to understand it. My ultimate goal is to manage to synthesize these two desires and offer unexpected comedies. It is not easy. In terms of style, I don’t know, let’s say I try to mix Terry Gilliam for the handyman side and Stanley Kubrick for the visionary side. In truth both are crazy so I better take inspiration from my daughter.

As I write these lines, my camera is resting. I am in movie hibernation. It gives me time to explore other forms of expression, especially video games. It’s funny. That’s what matters, right?